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Here's what rhymes with oozes.

ruses boozes cruises fuzes peruses snoozes schmoozes accuses amuses ruckuses infuses misuses suffuses thymuses bemuses overuses disuses confuses funguses uteruses dinguses esophaguses sarcophaguses

Consider these alternatives

oozed / used oozing / using exudes / groups ooze / whose exuded / secluded exude / food radiates / states exuding / including infuses / abuses pours / course permeates / states seeps / needs churns / terms drips / its glistening / listening smudges / judges spews / whose seeping / leading bleeds / needs pulsated / dated imbues / whose permeate / late gentility / stability gushing / nothing glows / those eschews / whose

Words that almost rhyme with oozes

looses mousses schusses cruses abuses elusive induces allusive illusive boluses calluses bluefish phalluses reuses burnouses cabooses taluses unlooses abusive delusive effusive occlusive collusive conduces recluses styluses traduces citruses missuses estruses rhesuses inclusive conducive excuses intrusive diffusive obtrusive reclusive seclusive abacuses discuses exoduses nautiluses papyruses calabooses exclusive introduces conclusive reproduces syllabuses extrusive disabuses colossuses unobtrusive ignoramuses narcissuses calculuses mandamuses gladioluses hibiscuses meniscuses inconclusive reintroduces noninclusive intravenouses nonexclusive

rouges losings pooches luges doings rulings brooches moorings musings shootings stooges groupings cupids druids viewings bruins stupids scrooges shoestrings spoonbills strudels undoings coonskins wrongdoings misdoings manoeuvrings subterfuges exclusives attributives centrifuges
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