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Here's what rhymes with objectives.

detectives perspectives directives defectives electives correctives collectives connectives retrospectives

Consider these alternatives

objective / effective achieve / leave priorities / authorities achieving / leaving aim / same fulfill / will achievable / feasible initiatives / derivatives attain / main achieved / received priority / authority operational / educational specific / scientific commitment / equipment ensuring / during implementation / operation strategic / orthopedic specified / side responsibilities / abilities sustainability / stability

Words that almost rhyme with objectives

digestives settings bearings tenses pairings parings vexes lettings hexes obsessives recces deskills senses blessings incentives readings benches dwellings headings dressings hedges pledges weddings ledges meshes spellings tresses blesses herrings leggings menses messes offensives depressives fetches flexes nestlings oppresses duplexes lemmings perplexes possessives abbesses belches leggins pfennigs pressings preventives treadmills fairings fezzes kelvins obsesses yeses fesses intensives veges mensches welshes addresses offenses trenches assesses caresses suppresses swellings condenses dispenses sledges cleanses pretenses subheadings wenches wrenches fledglings helpings hypertensives redskins reflexives welches geldings recessives fleshes headwinds selvedges threshes triplexes twopences amerces excesses confesses distresses impresses professes progressives disincentives avenges misspellings regresses digresses incenses multiplexes fledgelings tigresses murderesses egresses topdressings wayfarings intendeds inferences contraceptives refreshes acquiesces coalesces revenges sixpences fluoresces authoresses effervesces entrenches prioresses reassesses intrenches retrenches squelches manageresses mayoresses obsolesces frontbenches recrudesces sorceresses comprehensives counteroffensives pseudosciences concierges convalesces
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