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Here's what rhymes with moods.

nudes foods roods snoods alludes feuds broods eludes dudes prudes denudes includes exudes intrudes deludes occludes colludes nonfoods attitudes concludes interludes obtrudes secludes wholefoods excludes altitudes amplitudes latitudes magnitudes precludes aptitudes protrudes longitudes beatitudes certitudes extrudes plenitudes postludes multitudes platitudes dissimilitudes

Consider these alternatives

mood / food attitudes / groups evoke / spoke rhythms / conditions hues / whose desires / requires shades / states tenses / extensive introspective / objective obsessions / presence senses / extensive sensations / relations verbs / words motivations / relations inclinations / relations accentuate / eventuate expressions / presence genders / members

Words that almost rhyme with moods

tubes boobs newts moots oops lubes rubes roots boots routes suits loops shoots cubes hoops soups dupes chutes coops hoots mutes pubes whoops lutes coots coupes toots loots poops snoops tuts snoots groups troops fruits brutes flutes sloops troupes scoops stoops bruits droops swoops drupes scoots stoups pursuits solutes salutes imputes commutes dilutes pollutes volutes cahoots cheroots uproots reboots gumboots permutes recoups galoots reroutes acutes recruits computes refutes confutes deputes jackboots taproots beetroots reputes disputes institutes grassroots absolutes parachutes malamutes tracksuits bodysuits attributes constitutes executes paratroops persecutes transmutes nincompoops recomputes cantaloups prostitutes substitutes prosecutes reconstitutes electrocutes

news moves moons ooze moos oohs moues whose rules choose lose rooms tools shoes wounds dues fools mules pools tombs tunes youths dunes looms muse sous booms cools coups ewes ruse shews booze sues twos boons chews dooms joules oeuvres runes soothes zoos boos coons ghouls goons loons mews smooths snooze woos zooms loos maroons rues smoothes boules roues poohs schmooze shoos poos pules schools views assumes proves blues canoes clues crews cruise cues fuse removes amuse blooms ensues fumes grooves hues plumes stools bruise pews queues spoons brooms flues grooms peruse prunes renews fugues glues shrews spools stews ampoules brews enthuse flumes fuze yews clews cruse hews louvres swoons thews attunes croons trews drools ferules trues entombs muumuus slues accuse avenues improves screws approves balloons consumes misuse pursues infuse lagoons resumes saloons sinews taboos accrues baboons bamboos behooves cocoons tattoos buffoons eschews monsoons pontoons raccoons typhoons bassoons imbues lampoons sews shampoos tycoons ferrules igloos macaroons skews spews strews forenoons impugns plenums bemuse halloos racoons hoodoos kazoos refuse revenues reviews confuse costumes afternoons cartoons cheques dragoons manoeuvres perfumes presumes defuse festoons overuse platoons harpoons kangaroos subdues subsumes doubloons overrules reproves revues aircrews masseuse spittoons suffuse honeymoons patroons synfuels ingenues setscrews unscrews interviews molecules residues overviews pantaloons spicules construes disproves preschools toadstools chartreuse cockatoos danseuse footstools chanteuse poltroons bugaboos prevues buckaroos exhumes disapproves worldviews ridicules bridegrooms curlicues transfuse minuscules thumbscrews tablespoons barbecues vestibules corkscrews barbeques misconstrues discotheques
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