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Here's what rhymes with major.

wager pager wagerer

Consider these alternatives

significant / insignificant main / gain leading / meeting one / some key / be other / another big / sick such / but including / shooting two / to following / swallowing another / mother three / be many / any both / growth this / is serious / mysterious among / one addition / position any / many the / a include / food seen / scene few / you large / part possible / impossible in / been making / taking four / for as / has which / it all / or

Words that almost rhyme with major

nature neighbor aber nadir later paper labor vapor waiter taper cater sabre hater pater rater saber caper raider gator tabor dater gaiter tater wader raper greater trader traitor crater invader freighter grader draper skater denature grater prater evader staider operator generator creator equator mediator moderator aviator debater imitator innovator levator rotator scraper straighter animator belabor annotator collator gyrator inhalator sedater indicator elevator oscillator dictator educator agitator alligator curator insulator modulator navigator originator radiator alternator crusader decorator obturator violator detonator emulator idolater persuader headwaiter pollinator dumbwaiter masquerader nominator renovator blockader adulator hibernator crocheter translator commentator activator incubator negotiator simulator ventilator actuator applicator carburetor evaporator instigator integrator respirator escalator gladiator incinerator percolator cooperator eliminator fornicator vindicator dedicator litigator fumigator mutilator corroborator abrogator legislature denominator arbitrator coordinator legislator nomenclature regulator accelerator collaborator perpetrator evaluator illustrator procurator stimulator excavator interrogator liquidator adjudicator conciliator fabricator duplicator formulator lubricator dehydrator infiltrator castigator decelerator defoliator eradicator exaggerator peculator insinuator investigator refrigerator accumulator calculator facilitator speculator communicator manipulator demonstrator appropriator exterminator consolidator resuscitator dissimulator repudiator contaminator decapitator administrator defibrillator discriminator prevaricator procrastinator prognosticator expropriator

acre maker mayor agar aver manger maner maser mailer danger favor favour layer laser safer sailor tailor razor wafer waiver baker savor savour seiner taker baser changer hacer jailer payer raiser ranger saver shaker waver arranger chaser gainer gayer racer saner tamer vaguer whaler bather jailor pacer shaver baler faker gamer hazer vainer caver fayer lamer raver sager elver caner haler wailer fainer inaner failure chamber player painter flavor breaker endanger flavour glacier labourer planar scalar tracer trailer trainer fainter graver savior braver papier plainer slayer spacer atelier blazer eraser inhaler planer slaver framer grayer modeller quaver taster waster assayer frailer greyer bracer chaster drainer essayer grazer stayer baster staler claimer naysayer opaquer wavier urbaner insaner unsafer remainder stranger container surveyor conveyor engraver retainer appraiser attainder bilayer purveyor strainer campaigner sprayer conveyer automaker defamer humaner quainter delayer gainsayer defacer doomsayer loudhailer finagler waylayer behavior exchanger monolayer disfavor disfavour entertainer undertaker betrayer partaker soothsayer gamester abstainer complainer declaimer poetaster statelier boilermaker cockchafer moneymaker saltshaker boneshaker disclaimer multilayer restrainer semiquaver semitrailer programer astuter misbehavior troublemaker policymaker multiplayer cabinetmaker photoengraver
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