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Here's what rhymes with louse.

rouse house mouse blouse grouse douse dowse spouse powerhouse boathouse firehouse coffeehouse slaughterhouse summerhouse porterhouse boardinghouse clearinghouse meetinghouse packinghouse

Consider these alternatives

lice / price infestation / operation infestations / relations parasite / might fleas / these hive / five infest / best anemone / known pug / drug crustacean / operation parasites / rights devouring / flowering wart / called thieving / leaving

Words that almost rhyme with louse

aus louche loughs mouth south allows cows arouse bows vows boughs brows browse ploughs plows drouth dhows hows prows cowers drowse mows thous wows chows pouffe taus avows carouse scows espouse endows haymows hedgerows windrows cornrows snowploughs menopause disavows cottonmouth prognathous

ounce outs louts routs auks doubts shouts bounce bouts droughts toutes pounce touts clouts flounce flouts grouts pouts trouts ousts trounce drouths jounce pouffes rousts counts announce renounce mounts scouts sprouts redoubts spouts founts jousts snouts stouts accounts amounts pronounce denounce recounts remounts mahouts layabouts loudmouths whereabouts thereabouts hereabouts surmounts marabouts runabouts discounts dismounts roundabouts roustabouts downspouts turnabouts walkabouts beansprouts gadabouts mangetouts waterspouts mispronounce cottonmouths
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