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Here's what rhymes with locative.

vocative fricative lenitive ablative mutative transitive appositive proliferative

Consider these alternatives

dative / native ablative / judges vocative / judges adverbial / proverbial prepositions / conditions preposition / position postposition / position noun / down nouns / towns verbs / words inflected / expected postpositions / conditions neuter / computer inchoative / motive infinitive / definitive stative / native

Words that almost rhyme with locative

dhotis judges rubbish crutches grudges nudges sluttish fudges budges drudges smudges trudges adjudges rejudges begrudges prejudges misjudges analogise insipidus

irruptive eruptive productive inductive repulsive seductive conductive assumptive combustive compulsive disruptive impulsive convulsive presumptive consumptive propulsive destructive constructive reproductive instructive obstructive unproductive subjunctive disjunctive reconstructive nonproductive superconductive counterproductive nondestructive nonconstructive
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