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Here's what rhymes with irk.

work jerk circ kirk lurk shirk worke murk cirque dirk perk berk burk clerk smirk quirk rework berserk hauberk overwork ironwork paperwork openwork waxwork wickerwork handiwork needlework metalwork latticework masterwork salesclerk

Consider these alternatives

displease / these infuriate / late irritate / state rile / while enrage / stage annoy / boy antagonize / size infuriates / states irritates / states endear / here annoys / noise exasperate / late inflame / same horrify / high antagonise / peace mollify / high alienate / late typify / high chide / side offend / went impels / self bedevil / level confound / found assail / fail preoccupy / by disappoint / point ensnare / their behoove / whose roil / oil aggravate / state fascinate / late

Words that almost rhyme with irk

erg burgh berg burg
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