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Here's what rhymes with infrequently.

frequently unfrequently

Consider these alternatives

sporadically / automatically fleetingly / exceedingly occasionally / educationally habitually / individually customarily / necessarily oftentimes / times prolifically / specifically repetitively / competitively insignificantly / significantly routinely / extremely commonplace / place uncommon / common ordinarily / necessarily socialize / size hesitates / states

Words that almost rhyme with infrequently

frequency recently infrequency leniently piquantly decently legally regency unequally leniency realty piquancy sleepily indecently reapply regally cheekily sleeplessly sneakily creakily coequally sleazily deity conveniently secrecy speedily decency illegally peacefully ceaselessly fealty greedily grievously needlessly peaceably unevenly zealously aridity coherently dreamily gleefully serenely unspeakably genially heedlessly seamlessly drearily peony breezily feasibly speciously speechlessly greasily heedfully needfully creepily wheezily squeakily creamily obesity agreeably appreciably supremely ingeniously uneasily ideality indecency facetiously inconveniently naivety egregiously phonemically believably inappreciably queasily anemically conceivably irretrievably unbelievably deceitfully irredeemably obscenely dubiety covetously conceitedly indefeasibly unrelievedly benignity disagreeably inconceivably congenially historicity crystallinity heterogeneously centripetally homogeneity spontaneity simultaneity heterogeneity contemporaneity
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