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Here's what rhymes with highfalutin.

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cliched / made highbrow / eyebrow sanctimonious / erroneous snooty / duty crass / as speechifying / dying conspiratorial / territorial glib / it idiotic / logic cloying / employing annoyingly / cloyingly effete / feet homely / only gobbledygook / book artsy / he

Words that almost rhyme with highfalutin

looting rooting saluting highfaluting shooting alluding polluting fruiting looping uprooting hooting suiting booting fluting muting tooting mooting tutting bruiting grouping recruiting tubing brooding drooping commuting whooping diluting eluding feuding occluding trooping colluding douching overshooting rerouting hooping scooting rebooting secluding cooping cubing pooping rouging trouping souping blooping duding boobing computing executing disputing stooping imputing refuting deluding scooping snooping swooping obtruding confuting recouping permuting sharpshooting minuting including concluding excluding intruding persecuting exuding regrouping denuding extruding parachuting undershooting trapshooting constituting substituting prosecuting protruding instituting troubleshooting precluding transmuting prostituting nonpolluting recomputing centrifuging telecommuting electrocuting reconstituting

crewmen bruin newsmen interleukin tubulin coonskin disproven tuberculin calmodulin
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