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Here's what rhymes with galleys.

alleys valleys rallies sallies tallies dallies

Consider these alternatives

ships / its privateer / will oars / course destroyers / employers fleets / needs lavatories / stories fleet / feet privateers / years canoes / whose auxiliaries / varies sloops / groups brigantines / means vessels / levels schooner / sooner

Words that almost rhyme with galleys

carries intermarries

khakis cabbies caddies abbes cadres candies abysses antes crannies lackeys paddies patties nannies navvies achenes aunties daddies grannies lassies nappies baddies laddies mammies baggies crappies ranees tabbies tatties chappies fannies fatties taffies whammies pappies savvies shammies fancies taxis panties dandies pansies shanties pasties chanties gantries hankies palfreys bandies chanteys taxies patsies shandies maxis passkeys squaddies platies brandies lampreys pantheons pantries gangrenes papacies stanches guaranis phalanges menageries backfields maharanis grandaddies chimpanzees inaccuracies trivialities vigilantes potentialities angioplasties
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