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Here's what rhymes with fool.

seul school rule tool cool pool stool spool joule ghoul tulle ferule pule yule mule drool ferrule misrule overrule ampoule retool uncool ampul preschool spicule playschool molecule ridicule vestibule minuscule

Consider these alternatives

fools / schools stupid / included damned / hand damn / an yourself / self joke / spoke deceive / believe believing / leaving pretend / went myself / self nobody / be tell / well anyone / one ca / a you / to mistake / take confuse / whose naive / leave dumb / some hey / they dupe / group fun / one guess / less anymore / more prank / bank thing / in luck / drug trick / sick deluded / precluded mind / find laugh / as

Words that almost rhyme with fool

doer coeur ure voyeur longueur grandeur raconteur rapporteur
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