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Here's what rhymes with fig.

ig sig zig big pig dig deg rig wig gig jig whig swig frig brig twig sprig prig trig config renege rejig whirligig thingamajig

Consider these alternatives

pomegranate / late apricot / not leaf / leave pear / their tree / be pistachio / no berries / varies maple / able sycamore / more baobab / at coconut / but mistletoe / no cherry / very thyme / time cinnamon / minimum peach / each nut / but fruit / group honey / money hazelnut / but trees / these plum / from lime / time

Words that almost rhyme with fig

sick thick sic sich eq hich ik vhich hick pick stick kick chick lick tick nick slick tic wick dick flick pic mic rick spic mick shtick snick spik schtick quick brick click trick prick aspic crick unpick firebrick nonstick handpick lunatic politic bailiwick bolshevik dropkick skinflick candlestick realpolitik
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