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Here's what rhymes with feeders.

cedars seeders ceders leaders readers speeders weeders guiders kneaders breeders pleaders bleeders newsreaders stockbreeders

Consider these alternatives

feeder / leader herbivores / force carnivores / force feeding / leading nocturnal / external crustaceans / relations opportunistic / characteristic berries / varies waterfowl / foul trawls / course chickadees / these feed / need perches / emerges birds / words feeds / needs diurnal / internal predation / operation voracious / basis

Words that almost rhyme with feeders

features eaters heaters teachers meters keepers liters sleepers beaters reapers sweepers cheaters peepers peters beepers teeters weepers skeeters creatures preachers creepers bleachers praetors servitors defeaters greeters tweeters beseechers bleepers procedures repeaters headteachers callipers impeachers eggbeaters decimeters deciliters centimeters millimeters milliliters altimeters gravimeters centiliters taximeters windcheaters

hearers seizures fevers seekers healers ethers feelers sealers femurs fielders heavers vizors speakers dealers steamers seniors weavers beavers leavers skiers sneakers beakers freezers lemurs reamers schemers wielders peelers teasers geezers reefers wieners senors leasers signors fleecers receivers cleaners keywords besiegers dreamers streamers achievers deceivers tweezers breathers appeasers cleavers gleaners greasers screamers creamers grievers squeezers speedsters squeakers cavilers rewords streakers believers eastwards overseers deniers sightseers teamsters relievers seigniors conveners convenors redeemers newsdealers rearwards concealers beleaguers beguilers southeasters foreseers inferiors intriguers transceivers retrievers consignors overachievers monsignors northeasters unbelievers misdemeanors disbelievers southeastwards talebearers brainteasers cantilevers nonbelievers underachievers northeastwards
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