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Here's what rhymes with expansion.

mansion scansion

Consider these alternatives

expanding / understanding expand / hand growth / both rapid / added consolidation / operation increase / peace modernization / information proposed / most economic / chronic construction / production improvements / movements plan / an renovation / information acquisition / position improvement / movement increasing / leaving accelerated / dated increased / least acquisitions / conditions creation / relation continuing / discontinuing accelerate / late addition / position significant / insignificant integration / relation continuation / relation redevelopment / development future / computer substantial / sample relocation / relation

Words that almost rhyme with expansion

chanson damson handsome ransom hansom transom

passion tation banyan fashion abandon fraction barren cannon canon extraction faction chaplain ration traction baron canyon bastion canton caption stallion exaction jasmine lation plantain adaption batten talon badman badmen reaction happen attraction captain companion hadn cabin compassion famine sanction wagon dragon gallon salmon fasten inaction satin compaction falcon haben saffron blacken bracken dampen fatten flatten impaction infraction latin madmen redaction slacken taxon flagon handgun mammon platen batsman dispassion sadden gammon madden scallion trashcan bandsman flashgun raglan taxman gasman taxmen sandmen imagine interaction abstraction contraction grandson battalion diffraction refraction assassin distraction retraction subtraction plankton hangman medallion waxen capstan clansmen contraption counteraction detraction flaxen gladden stupefaction landsman refashion clansman triathlon gyrfalcon satisfaction transaction liquefaction prolactin draftsman draughtsman reexamine zooplankton benefaction draftsmen diapason overreaction protraction unfasten gravamen klaxon pentathlon refasten vitrifaction craftsman rarefaction petrifaction upperclassman rapscallion malefaction dissatisfaction phytoplankton putrefaction underclassman
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