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Here's what rhymes with enlarge.

large charge barge marge sarge recharge discharge surcharge overlarge overcharge undercharge supercharge

Consider these alternatives

expand / hand widen / item augment / went deepen / region renovate / state diversify / high modernise / peace expanding / understanding reshape / made modernize / size revitalize / size consolidate / state shrink / link rejuvenate / late remodel / model simplify / high realign / line fortify / high revise / size elevate / state reinforce / force revamp / hand reinvigorate / great solidify / high refine / fine beautify / high standardize / size decentralize / size

Words that almost rhyme with enlarge

yard lard larch part hard heart card guard sharp chart march cart barred impart dart garb harp marred bard carp charred mart tart fart hart jarred tarred barb lolled tarp chard shard kart parch regard start apart smart starch retard scarred starred scarp trolled dogcart dolled sparred unbarred jacquard volleyed depart discard debarred rampart bombard restart canard dooryard disbarred leotard carolled bicarb boulevard forepart handcart lumberyard gambolled costarred counterpart disregard bodyguard forestalled calendared

lodge dodge dislodge pasturage fuselage
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