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Here's what rhymes with encroaches.

roaches coaches broaches poaches slowcoaches

Consider these alternatives

intrudes / groups intrude / food intruding / including expounds / pounds capitalizes / enterprises trample / sample frowns / towns overmuch / such pounces / announces intruded / included preys / days bestows / those frowned / found bestowing / going depletes / needs elaborates / states ruminates / states

Words that almost rhyme with encroaches

loges yogis showbiz motive nobis votive foppish sottish mopish emotive locomotive automotive electromotive nonautomotive

roses closes encloses grosses engrosses incloses noses choses hoses closings dozes yogins loathings gloamings lowlives discloses opposes goings loadings reposes showings hoaxes plosives coaxes corrosives combings brioches roastings soakings apposes motives holdings proposes coatings exposes supposes mouldings psychoses composes postings moldings deposes copings forecloses molehills probings doeskins explosives disposes overdoses thromboses bowstrings goatskins scoldings foreskins presupposes decomposes forebodings transposes discomposes recomposes locomotives predisposes juxtaposes wainscotings undercoatings overexposes underexposes nonexplosives
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