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Here's what rhymes with emitted.

knitted fitted omitted pitted admitted committed permitted quitted flitted gritted twitted submitted acquitted recommitted

Consider these alternatives

emit / which dioxide / peroxide emission / position pollutants / students electromagnetic / magnetic ultraviolet / violet gasses / massive radiation / operation emissions / conditions infrared / said fluorescence / presence ionizing / rising absorbs / towards detected / expected uv / use excitation / operation radioactivity / activity methane / ethane particle / article monoxide / dioxide

Words that almost rhyme with emitted

rigid midget digit inhibit frigid skidded snippet tippet prohibit

misted listed insisted lifted shifted wicked gifted vivid hinted synod tilted silted whittled initialed initialled existed liquid printed assisted listened depicted mingled twisted drifted thickened addicted bearded envisioned giggled tickled whistled chiseled limpid nibbled pickled sickened wriggled belittled wiggled enfilade fizzled jiggled miscalled sizzled visioned consisted commissioned convicted imprisoned persisted afflicted kindled quickened signaled singled stiffened wrinkled christened riddled signalled bristled glistened grizzled rippled shriveled trickled brigand dimpled fiddled pinioned shingled swiveled tingled tinkled frizzled jingled conditioned privileged positioned crippled petitioned dwindled subsisted tripled twinkled commingled crinkled dribbled stippled swindled crimsoned restricted sprinkled constricted intermingled partitioned scribbled rekindled coexisted provisioned rechristened contradicted unconditioned reconditioned requisitioned underprivileged preconditioned
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