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Here's what rhymes with eigenfunctions.

functions injunctions junctions conjunctions dysfunctions

Consider these alternatives

eigenvalues / values wavefunctions / functions eigenfunction / function eigenvalue / value orthonormal / normal holonomic / economic homologies / qualities wavefunction / function microstates / states solitons / regions

Words that almost rhyme with eigenfunctions

instructions convulsions summons emulsions sultans assumptions husbands buttons constructions cousins deductions dozens reductions chapels eruptions interruptions rushes corruptions jungles knuckles shovels buckles dungeons funnels hovels muffins pumpkins muscles discussions hundreds couples productions touches bubbles bundles doubles introductions obstructions puzzles tunnels bunches disruptions sponges blushes mussels nuptials puddles pustules ruffles stumbles struggles troubles clutches reconstructions compasses presumptions discusses repercussions reproductions pretences remonstrances
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