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Here's what rhymes with distinguished.

extinguished undistinguished

Consider these alternatives

awarded / supported meritorious / glorious honorary / very honour / full esteemed / seemed award / called outstanding / understanding prestigious / religious illustrious / industrious literary / very contributions / institutions prominent / dominant decoration / education citation / operation renowned / found awards / towards commendation / operation bravery / slavery rank / bank professor / never conspicuous / ambiguous

Words that almost rhyme with distinguished

linguist relinquished

piglet dimwit district finished figment signet tidbit ringgit spearmint nitwit pipit titbit cygnet diminished thicket mimicked misfit widget fidget linnet fishnet relit kismet physicked resit deliquesced mishit nitpicked exhibit elicit unfinished solicit tourniquet skinflint refinished redistrict kibitzed revisit undiminished impenitent
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