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Here's what rhymes with dismissive.

missive permissive submissive derisive

Consider these alternatives

disdainful / painful patronizing / rising ambivalent / equivalent noncommittal / little derisive / wishes circumspect / effect hypocritical / critical fatalistic / characteristic lukewarm / form blase / days unsympathetic / magnetic bemused / used snide / side effusive / exclusive insincere / will insensitive / sensitive apologetic / magnetic criticisms / conditions amused / used

Words that almost rhyme with dismissive

dismisses missus missis hisses dices wishes premisses symphysis vises swishes whizzes fizzes frizzes tyrannises wizzes enuresis pollicis calyces codices quizzes spadices squishes hypophysis inauspicious harmonises reminisces fraternises routinises jellyfishes catechizes electrophoresis

resistive fictive distinctive descriptive addictive vindictive partitive inflictive instinctive predictive precognitive restrictive prescriptive nonaddictive constrictive nonrestrictive
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