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Here's what rhymes with disliked.

liked spiked hiked

Consider these alternatives

resented / presented hated / stated loathed / most detested / requested dislike / like admired / desired adored / called disdained / obtained displeased / least disapproved / used despise / size resent / went admires / miles annoyed / avoid objected / expected loathe / both abhorred / called disliking / striking disagreed / need contemporaries / varies despises / enterprises derided / decided opposed / most offended / presented shunned / and hates / states complimented / prevented

Words that almost rhyme with disliked

right light write flight slight fright rite sliced lite sleight might night white fight sight site bright despite height spite delight tight bite knight cite plight priced typed wiped blight byte pint striped alight kite mite piped smite trite diced spiced spliced sprite quite whilst excite favourite invite polite upright outright didst recite rewrite sufficed alright enticed ignite incite vilest satellite tonight overnight oversight erudite forthright nitrite firelight reunite appetite copyright sacrificed parasite lymphocyte anthracite dolomite dynamite leukocyte nonwhite apatite contrite hematite meteorite neophyte underwrite stereotyped expedite metabolite plebiscite candlelight recondite watertight electrolyte magnetite hermaphrodite
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