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Here's what rhymes with discount.

count account mount dismount fount mt miscount amount recount surmount remount paramount tantamount

Consider these alternatives

discounts / accounts discounted / miscounted stores / course coupon / mouton rate / great rates / states purchases / purposes fares / self price / life store / or sell / well buy / by pricing / driving discounting / miscounting airline / hairline buying / dying merchandise / size purchase / purpose fare / their wal / all borrowing / sorrowing repurchase / purpose

Words that almost rhyme with discount

gowned found around ground bound round sound pound wound crowned frowned lb mound surround hound lounge downed scrounge clowned abound drowned aground expound browned inbound astound impound icebound fogbound showground profound renowned confound unsound rebound unbound newfound propound resound turnaround redound unwound uncrowned housebound rewound overground rockbound turnround newshound dumfound wraparound hardbound wolfhound strikebound underground ultrasound battleground runaround musclebound

couched gout scout cowshed doubt shout devout stout tout bout crouched rout bounced clout snout spout toute grout pounced vouched doused flout lout pout slouched flounced joust roust groused kraut nowt pouched jounced sauced grouched about without throughout announced denounced drought trout ahout sprout trounced avouched logout pronounced renounced redoubt sauerkraut downspout unannounced thereabout hereabout turnabout knockabout waterspout gadabout layabout mangetout beansprout mispronounced marabout runabout roustabout walkabout roundabout
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