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Here's what rhymes with discarded.

larded disregarded unguarded retarded bombarded

Consider these alternatives

trash / as reused / used littered / considered discard / part recycle / cycle piles / miles stored / called tossed / lost reusing / using removed / used rubbish / judges scrap / at unused / used disposed / most bag / back unceremoniously / erroneously cleaned / seemed embryos / those pile / while thrown / own strewn / soon

Words that almost rhyme with discarded

carted garbage darted yardage imparted greathearted uncharted restarted downhearted goodhearted bighearted kindhearted fainthearted hardhearted openhearted chickenhearted heavyhearted brokenhearted warmhearted tenderhearted lionhearted

responded carotid knotted rotted squatted jotted potted prodded slotted costed swatted totted hotted parqueted allotted parotid wafted rendezvoused barbarised acknowledged balloted wainscotted ramrodded corresponded patronised unacknowledged
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