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Here's what rhymes with disappointing.

pointing appointing jointing anointing disjointing reappointing outpointing counterpointing

Consider these alternatives

disappointed / disjointed surprising / rising disappointment / appointment expectations / relations weak / week quarter / order fourth / force slump / and downbeat / feet surprise / size pleased / least rebounded / grounded season / reason unexpected / rejected finishing / diminishing loss / off despite / might buoyed / tumbleweed optimistic / characteristic

Words that almost rhyme with disappointing

adjoining joining boiling coining hoisting toiling toying foisting poising buoying joying subjoining avoiding annoying spoiling voicing coiling enjoining soiling voiding broiling rejoining conjoining despoiling roiling foiling purloining moiling noising quoiting coiffing coifing hoicking overjoying destroying enjoying rejoicing alloying cloying uncoiling decoying soloing haloing reboiling stuccoing videoing buffaloing discoing employing deploying recoiling embroiling buncoing charbroiling mamboing reconnoitring redeploying reemploying
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