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Here's what rhymes with dignitaries.

berries cherries buries dairies parries varies fairies marries ferries faeries apiaries sherries wherries harries commentaries secretaries cemeteries dictionaries emissaries binaries canaries commissaries militaries pessaries dietaries reburies missionaries capillaries monasteries mercenaries necessaries tributaries estuaries seminaries corollaries granaries luminaries secondaries sectaries actuaries creameries glossaries ancillaries aviaries equerries pituitaries remarries solitaries temporaries bilberries coronaries miscarries mortuaries plenaries adversaries preliminaries sanctuaries apothecaries itineraries legionaries obituaries infirmaries paramilitaries miniseries breviaries centenaries chokecherries veterinaries contemporaries beneficiaries auxiliaries functionaries intermediaries subsidiaries reactionaries incendiaries fiduciaries proprietaries judiciaries undersecretaries voluptuaries perfumeries bicentenaries tercentenaries stipendiaries revolutionaries supernumeraries counterrevolutionaries

Consider these alternatives

greet / feet luminaries / varies invited / divided ceremony / testimony delegations / relations greeted / treated attended / presented attendees / these delegation / education dignitary / very businessmen / then inauguration / operation attend / went banquet / language feted / dated entertained / obtained parliamentarians / variance entourage / was tributes / contributes politicians / conditions inviting / fighting throng / long

Words that almost rhyme with dignitaries

bellies jellies tellies alleles wellies underbellies potbellies ukeleles

pennies jetties genies bevies jennies techies teddies pewees jemmies bevvies levies testes faeces levees machetes majesties heavies settees steadies veggies belfries marrieds readies preppies wedgies gentries reties pressies twenties sentries sureties elegies nectarines vestries deaneries lefties medleys preemies headcheese trendies prezzies assemblies latencies demesnes frenzies hostelries valencies ancestries coquetries requiems lamaseries excellencies larcenies apoplexies baronetcies chicaneries breastfeeds consistencies spirochetes residencies equivalencies inconsistencies
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