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Here's what rhymes with diapause.

pas pause jaws paws was cause laws draws applause gauze mas saws because clause claws flaws floes straws buffaloes squaws withdraws repertoires

Consider these alternatives

pupae / by hibernation / education germination / information sporulation / relation pupal / pupil germinate / late gastrulation / relation luteal / deal cardiomyocytes / rights ecdysis / wishes eosinophils / years postnatal / fatal cytokinesis / pieces neutrophils / years mitosis / diagnosis bioassays / days pupate / state sporophyte / foresight monocytes / rights

Words that almost rhyme with diapause

boss doth dos toss loss wash cough moss sauce trough barrage broth cos loth moth awash dross mauve prof salve across cross cloth garage massage gloss collage froth mirage floss montage scoff suave swath sabotage squash entourage arbitrage camouflage tablecloth

doors jobs bars dogs balls bombs jars palms pores chores dolls pars pours bogs pods tongs adores boars bores dawns diatoms dons pawns walls bonds calls falls gods stars boards cars songs stores wars bronze halls logs rods shores charms ponds spores wrongs barns cores dialogues drawers hogs lawns sobs sores stalls bards cons fours knobs longs mobs nods shawls abhors adorns forms belongs cards farms norms scores yards affords floors guards horns lords storms awards cords honours scars swords wards absorbs accords alarms chords frogs hordes outdoors psalms thorns warns dinosaurs facades frauds genomes harms qualms salons solves swans wharves yarns towards records reforms performs ignores cigars dissolves evolves firearms analogues fronds harbours overalls restores squads swarms involves regards rewards explores informs protocols responds catalogues conforms resolves revolves seminars synagogues underscores waterfalls corresponds reservoirs transforms uniforms northwards
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