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Here's what rhymes with detractors.

tractors factors reactors benefactors malefactors

Consider these alternatives

proponents / components opponents / components contend / went supporters / disorders deride / side criticisms / conditions foes / those derided / decided concede / need accuse / whose criticize / size adversaries / varies decry / lie acknowledge / college alike / like insiders / fibers criticism / given scoff / off decried / side applaud / thought outspoken / broken cite / might disagree / be

Words that almost rhyme with detractors

fractures manufactures

planters rafters platters drafters lacquers plasters trackers matters chapters masters planners pastors captors crackers ladders lanterns pilasters trappers backers bladders packers placards tatters wrappers batters flatters hackers lancers patterns manners backwards bankers cancers dancers disasters banners gathers attackers bachelors bastards daggers grammars hammers hangers manors passers ranchers tankers adapters gangsters hamsters raptures scatters hazards pastures captures caverns gamblers handlers passwords stragglers taverns campers hampers scanners slanders staffers standards commanders
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