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Here's what rhymes with descend.

send defend fend friend depend spend tend bend lend ascend offend mend penned rend befriend attend extend trend intend amend apprehend blend dividend expend append pretend suspend transcend commend condescend contend recommend comprehend superintend

Consider these alternatives

descended / presented ascend / went climb / time ascended / presented stairs / self descent / went hordes / towards ascent / went mountainside / side heavens / presence flee / be steeply / deeply greet / feet abyss / this altitude / food arrive / five throng / long soar / for disintegrate / great flock / stock hover / other intrude / food trekked / effect

Words that almost rhyme with descend

cent sent event descent dissent scent vent hemmed went percent meant prevent spent bent rent assent bench lent tent ascent invent avenge hemp resent stemmed dent pent stench wrench gent wench extent intent accent cement revenge repent trench ferment quench temp indent relent consent lament augment dreamt orient entente represent president condemned discontent underwent circumvent misrepresent

said head held shared fed shed haired fared shewed celled felled hedged shelled lead led read red bed dead ahead fled stared thread begged cared dared scared spared beheld centred paired spelled yelled excelled flared fledged med smelled sped stead swelled wed weld avenged bared chaired despaired dispelled sled ted wedged laird pared pegged shelved shred welled declared instead spread bread alleged bred dread expelled impaired repaired pledged squared tread upheld withheld bled cleansed glared impelled misled rebelled dredged embed essayed panelled quelled revenged shrivelled silvered unsaid prepared overhead infrared propelled repelled watershed assayed arrowhead bedstead enamelled marvelled unpaired compared compelled overwhelmed paralleled quarrelled unimpaired widespread unprepared unparalleled
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