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Here's what rhymes with dependent.

pendant dependant defendant attendant descendant descendent independent ascendant ascendent codependent overdependent transcendent interdependent resplendent superintendent

Consider these alternatives

depend / went depended / presented rely / lie relies / size reliant / client relying / lying therefore / wherefore relied / side affected / expected unstable / table hence / sense thus / us whereas / has aid / made less / death affect / effect furthermore / more constrained / obtained depressed / best become / some primarily / necessarily

Words that almost rhyme with dependent

penchant repentant trenchant unrepentant unmentioned

tenant pennant parent peasant tenet densest present apparent pleasant amendment pregnant segment impairment lieutenant dentist remnant senate appellant chestnut parrot aberrant menaced pellet pheasant repellent terraced barest depressant beret rennet cellist intensest regnant repellant inerrant developed credit assessment breakfast merit embarrassed resentment helmet incessant sentenced temperate template velvet crescent tempest despot legate merest premised rarest catgut entrenchment ferret haircut iridescent prefaced propellant pubescent carat clement sextant vestment zealot intrenchment revetment stepparent wettest amercement enmeshment karat helot propellent shellacked investment adolescent commencement unpleasant inherit contentment discredit enveloped expectant apprenticed presentment quiescent retrenchment inclement barefaced demerit freshest opalescent senescent accredit divestment godparent putrescent scarcest suppressant directest guillemot unapparent transparent fluorescent refreshment undeveloped evanescent incandescent omnipresent reassessment acquiescent biochemist contestant effervescent obsolescent cruellest discontentment librettist redeveloped unembarrassed coalescent decongestant florescent perfectest antidepressant disinfectant phosphorescent reinvestment disinvestment luminescent disinherit prepubescent efflorescent noncredit recommencement underdeveloped convalescent overdeveloped nontransparent semitransparent
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