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Here's what rhymes with cutaneous.

extraneous percutaneous spontaneous subcutaneous simultaneous miscellaneous contemporaneous extemporaneous

Consider these alternatives

lesions / reasons lesion / reason necrosis / diagnosis erythematosus / diagnosis medial / remedial inhalation / information pulmonary / very innervation / information autoimmune / toimmune inflammation / information dermal / internal femoral / general subcutaneous / cutaneous necrotizing / rising idiopathic / havoc epidermal / internal inhalational / educational mastocytosis / diagnosis degeneration / information skin / in malformation / relation

Words that almost rhyme with cutaneous

manias macadamias

radius daintiness patriots radiance laziness salience haziness raciness shakiness shadiness tastiness pastiness spaciness vagarious irradiance craziness saintliness hastiness salients flakiness gradients compatriots neighborliness ungainliness bacchanalias leisureliness
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