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Here's what rhymes with crisis.


Consider these alternatives

situation / education economic / chronic global / total woes / those crunch / and amid / did impasse / has instability / stability concerns / terms unrest / best debt / said aftermath / has upheaval / medieval slowdown / lowdown mounting / counting wake / make

Words that almost rhyme with crisis

ices prices rises slices vices typhus gneisses arises sizes prizes spices guises wises sises devices advices apprizes reprices comprises summarises marquises paradises incises precises vitalises exercises benefices socializes exorcises galvanizes pulverizes polarises vulgarises plagiarises bowdlerizes barbarises robotizes emphasizes recognizes characterizes symbolizes minimizes specializes stabilizes improvises patronizes polymerizes economizes mesmerizes reanalyses circumcises commercializes tenderizes narcotizes regularises secularises circularises militarises slenderizes metabolizes hypnotizes reemphasizes depolarises popularises destabilizes familiarises particularises soliloquises overexercises revolutionizes overspecializes

license righteous iris licence ibis eyeless wryness bias virus minus pious sinus climates likeness riots dryness lifeless lightness priceless thymus gyrus highness shyness primus rightness situs eyelets ictus niceness slyness lineups vitas taigas science silence alliance clients guidance brightness fibrous pilots pirates timeless whiteness cypress tightness guileless stylus unrighteous faience hydrous sightless vileness aliveness flightless guiltiness quiets graininess slightness triteness showiness wifeless pileups spryness kindness arthritis reliance blindness desirous giants triumphs appliance childless impious nephritis politeness tyrants detritus gastritis mildness mindless privates wildness keratitis uprightness spineless unlikeness faultiness silents tridents heists shininess spinets playact tininess beefiness braininess crispiness cyclopes dewiness droopiness pallidness randiness dopiness snowiness windups brininess daffiness playacts compliance defiance migrants bronchitis alignments anhydrous connivance obeisance thyroiditis urethritis hydrants handiness contriteness sandiness alinements titlists assignments hepatitis contrivance dermatitis refinements subsidence homozygous acquirements cholangitis excitements pharyngitis unkindness concupiscence laryngitis retirements retrovirus suppliants enticements forthrightness proprietress misalliance disquiets impoliteness misguidance autopilots requirements meningitis encephalitis pancreatitis heterozygous indictments omniscience adenovirus neuroscience stomatitis consignments confinements incitements realignments pseudoscience colorblindness reassignments noncompliance chastisements advertisements osteoarthritis pyelonephritis advertizements glomerulonephritis cytomegalovirus
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