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Here's what rhymes with creased.

least east leased yeast greased wriest priest ceased beast feast pieced fleeced increased released decreased policed looniest se deceased northeast southeast boniest phoniest surceased toniest anapaest stoniest trendiest predeceased beanfeast

Consider these alternatives

brow / how cherubic / cubic scowl / owl pained / change smirk / work forehead / aforesaid gazes / cases yellowed / narrowed unlined / find brows / allows creasing / increasing leathery / every caressed / best glistening / listening adorns / forms pleated / repeated pensive / extensive frown / down distended / prevented

Words that almost rhyme with creased

leafed reefed leashed eased grieved briefed cleaved leaved wreathed beefed reeved pleased seized breathed aggrieved teased heaved unleashed sheathed sleeved breezed peeved sieved weaved wheezed thieved sheaved received believed achieved relieved squeezed bequeathed appeased bereaved sneezed strived debriefed perceived conceived deceived diseased retrieved reprieved displeased unrelieved interleaved unsheathed mercerised unperceived disbelieved undeceived interweaved overachieved preconceived misconceived underachieved

reached eat greet leaked reaped creaked leached cleat eked reeked wreaked creeped leeched feet meet heat meat seat sheet treat beat elite fleet wheat neat preached feat beet cheat heaped peaked peat bleached breached peeped shrieked cheeked mete peeked piqued seeped sleet teat beached beaked bleat screeched seethed freaked pleat beeped sleeked teethed bleeped cheeped street sweet repeat receipt st suite delete secrete steeped streaked effete sneaked whereat critiqued reheat squeaked thereat tweaked skeet tweet filliped crowfeet complete concrete defeat retreat compete discrete conceit deceit discreet replete entreat impeached petite backseat deplete excrete preheat unbleached unseat beseeched offbeat overeat overreached antiqued clubfeet unmeant obsolete preterite downbeat forefeet helpmeet maltreat mistreat overheat parakeet loveseat flatfeet parrakeet nutmeat webfeet splayfeet incomplete indiscreet sweetmeat tranquilest bittersweet semisweet tenderfeet
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