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Here's what rhymes with crank.

rank anc lank clank yank bank blank tank thank drank flank sank frank plank shrank franc shank dank hanc prank hank spank stank swank outrank charabanc embank riverbank antitank databank pointblank

Consider these alternatives

screw / you dial / trial rotate / probate throttle / model pump / and pulley / fully switches / religious vibrate / hydrate piston / system knob / not spinning / beginning lever / ever manually / annually switch / which rotated / unrotated exhaust / lost screws / whose thermostat / that disconnect / effect hose / those plunger / under

Words that almost rhyme with crank


ask lack crack rack lac alk clack wrack yak claque yack back black task track mask pack flask nach plaque sac sack slack hack jack tack cask fac knack masque shack bask flak mac mak quack tak talc whack basque flack mack wack attack stack aback smack snack shellac repack rickrack cardiac elegiac unpack unmask ipecac anorak highjack skyjack almanac maniac zodiac hardtack piggyback crackerjack gunnysack razorback thumbtack pickaback mudpack paperback quarterback haversack lumberjack stickleback applejack counterattack demoniac amnesiac steeplejack insomniac megalomaniac nymphomaniac
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