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Here's what rhymes with constituting.

booting tooting tutting shooting looting polluting rooting uprooting hooting suiting mooting bruiting instituting diluting fruiting saluting fluting muting scooting rebooting undershooting computing recruiting substituting commuting disputing imputing reconstituting overshooting rerouting parachuting prostituting permuting sharpshooting minuting trapshooting highfaluting troubleshooting refuting confuting nonpolluting executing persecuting transmuting recomputing prosecuting telecommuting electrocuting

Consider these alternatives

constitute / food constituted / included constitutes / groups comprise / size amounting / mounting comprising / rising comprises / prices amounted / surmounted contiguous / ambiguous nuisance / institutions lakhs / makes terroristic / characteristic proportion / portion tantamount / amount collectively / effectively perpetrated / dated

Words that almost rhyme with constituting

tubing douching pooping duding boobing brooding drooping alluding stooping whooping looping trooping hooping cooping trouping souping blooping grouping eluding deluding feuding occluding scooping snooping swooping colluding denuding obtruding cubing rouging protruding intruding exuding highfalutin recouping secluding including concluding precluding regrouping extruding excluding centrifuging

doing choosing tuning booming chewing pooling boosting tattooing tooling adducing dueling duelling booing attuning boozing dooming puling juicing poohing tootling tabooing pooing tombing using moving producing assuming cooling losing reducing ruling proving pursuing approving blooming brewing pruning soothing abusing bruising fooling looming roofing shewing suing undoing wooing cooing deducing loosing perusing rooming ballooning drooling proofing roosting stewing zooming mooning spoofing bluing doodling goofing mooing pluming puking shooing spooling spooning blueing educing ruing spooking truing whooshing spuming goosing platooning trueing woofing schussing accoutring yukking amusing schooling viewing inducing accusing cruising smoothing wounding accruing fusing grooming musing subduing fuming queuing seducing canoeing crooning eschewing fueling hewing queueing spewing swooning conducing costuming cueing fuelling grooving mewing overdoing shoestring sluicing cartooning cuing fireproofing lampooning outdoing perfuming redoing retooling shampooing sleuthing snoozing festooning glueing harpooning schmoozing traducing unloosing cocooning crewing debuting entombing marooning noodling sprucing swooshing contusing clewing clueing induing behooving boohooing foredooming googling euchring improving removing consuming introducing refusing renewing reproducing diffusing presuming resuming unassuming construing disapproving overruling screwing communing disproving gluing rebuking reproving waterproofing defusing hallooing importuning impugning reusing skewing suffusing disabusing enthusing evildoing misdoing overusing bemusing chorusing dragooning effusing callusing canoodling censusing enuring cluing disusing outproducing sluing tenuring capsuling vamoosing nonplusing confusing reviewing interviewing infusing ridiculing misusing refuelling unscrewing caucusing honeymooning overproducing soundproofing weatherproofing flameproofing ballyhooing childproofing rustproofing bulletproofing misruling bombproofing sepulchring excusing manoeuvring reintroducing homeschooling transfusing exhuming misconstruing corkscrewing appliqueing burglarproofing outmanoeuvring
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