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Here's what rhymes with concern.

fern turn learn burn stern tern yearn churn spurn discern adjourn quern unconcern upturn sauterne return overturn nocturne taciturn subaltern

Consider these alternatives

concerns / terms expressed / best growing / going fear / will worried / hurried continuing / discontinuing increasing / leaving doubt / out optimism / given amid / did renewed / food threat / said reason / season unease / these widespread / said mounting / counting serious / mysterious anxiety / variety skepticism / given speculation / relation rising / driving among / one despite / might disappointment / appointment underscored / called reflected / expected because / laws frustration / operation

Words that almost rhyme with concern

firm confirm therm term affirm germ sperm worm infirm terme berm perm squirm corm reconfirm reaffirm isotherm endosperm wheatgerm angiosperm gymnosperm
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