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Here's what rhymes with committees.

cities ditties titties kitties crudities pretties subcommittees concavities frivolities profundities orotundities mediocrities

Consider these alternatives

committee / city subcommittees / committees subcommittee / city appropriations / relations oversight / might chaired / help organizations / relations oversee / he legislative / native organizing / rising hearings / feelings meetings / teachings commission / position commissions / conditions judiciary / very federations / relations council / counsel associations / relations legislature / nature recommendations / relations convened / seemed overseeing / being delegations / relations various / areas legislation / education organisations / relations respective / effective

Words that almost rhyme with committees

middies hippies kiddies biddies chippies weirdies effigies

minis ninnies mickeys series theories fifties guineas lilies chillies finis busies chilies wearies dinghies fillies sissies billies civvies gillies jitneys piggies smithies willies biggies whinnies hickeys jimmies shimmies sillies ciggies dearies dickeys dickies dillies dizzies jiffies pinnies cissies civies divvies hickies sickies shinnies tizzies kidneys queries sixties chimneys gypsies hominis privies pygmies pigmies pigsties pixies whimsies pillories quickies whiskeys causeries ignominies pinkies spinneys blinis pyxes stickies thingies whimseys brickies dinkies passivise artistes grizzlies sophistries striptease pinwheels milkweeds repines gearwheels reentries millstreams wrinklies waterlilies deviltries devilries pekingese maharishis windshields blitzkriegs slipstreams hydrolyses presbyteries
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