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Here's what rhymes with commander.

candor meander gander pander dander sander slander grander salamander coriander oleander

Consider these alternatives

command / hand colonel / external commanding / understanding brigadier / will forces / discourses military / very corps / or force / source brigade / made chief / peace troops / groups allied / side squadron / problem platoon / soon marines / means nato / tomato

Words that almost rhyme with commander

banter canter rancher cantor chanter planter damper grantor hamper plantar tamper camber camper decanter enchanter pamper clamber scamper

manner manor madder matter cancer ladder banner dancer handler panther chancre sadder natter tanner chandler masker rather latter master bladder gather hammer batter chatter dagger planner valor attacker catcher lacquer passer scanner shatter wrapper badger cadaver enhancer fatter hangar hanger lather patter backer dapper hacker packer snapper hatter jabber rapper romancer sapper spanner chapter factor capture faster grammar laughter pastor stature banker pasture scatter flatter glamour rapture adapter castor clamor clamour clatter gambler languor platter stagger tanker blacker canker captor cracker jasper placer rafter rancor sampler stammer swagger trapper vaster adaptor caster clapper flapper glamor spatter staffer tracker fracture plaster reactor tractor gangster hamster anticancer burgomaster pilaster disaster thereafter hereafter hereinafter recapture alabaster headmaster dispatcher redactor benefactor quartermaster extractor malefactor manufacture protractor
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