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Here's what rhymes with clef.

ref eff deaf chef

Consider these alternatives

notated / dated viol / trial timpani / me trombone / known intonation / information lowercase / showcase bassoon / soon saxophone / shown harpsichord / called clarinet / get denoted / noted pentatonic / chronic motet / get trill / will oboe / photo tonic / chronic barbershop / not hexameters / parameters appended / prevented numerals / funerals

Words that almost rhyme with clef

less yes rev creche cress death says fresh press breath dress flesh guess bless mess mesh chess caress egress neath fez thresh tress stress unless assess recess afresh coalesce oppress abbess cortege digress tigress success express possess confess impress suppress profess redress refresh repress acquiesce depress finesse undress abs authoress largesse reassess sunless distress laundress shibboleth sorceress watercress nonetheless transgress adulteress letterpress nevertheless dispossess

elf self shelf yourself itself myself herself thyself himself oneself
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