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Here's what rhymes with chlorosis.

osmosis alkalosis narcosis osteoporosis myxomatosis tuberculosis atherosclerosis toxoplasmosis endometriosis

Consider these alternatives

ulceration / operation keratosis / tuberculosis cyanosis / diagnosis yellowing / bellowing coccidioidomycosis / tuberculosis necrosis / diagnosis rhinorrhea / idea neurodegeneration / information hyperexcitability / stability splenic / academic mediastinal / costomediastinal discoloration / operation myelopathy / encephalomyelopathy defoliation / relation hyperpigmentation / operation narcosis / tuberculosis desiccation / education vasodilation / operation

Words that almost rhyme with chlorosis

corrosive roses noses opposes choses purposive erosive hoses grosses overdoses plosive dozes dovish apposes closes supposes reposes noncorrosive proposes explosive psychoses composes deposes thromboses engrosses implosive brioches presupposes exposes disposes encloses forecloses incloses recomposes discloses decomposes juxtaposes transposes overexposes predisposes nonexplosive discomposes underexposes

nobis aerobics yogis moroseness closeness wholeness phobics jocoseness prolix stoics biopics macaronis raviolis heroics postscripts bobolinks bowsprits crochets folklorists agoraphobics trombonists telephonists xylophonists saxophonists vibraphonists
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