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Here's what rhymes with chemical.

alchemical biochemical polemical geochemical photochemical histochemical physicochemical immunohistochemical

Consider these alternatives

biological / logical pharmaceutical / cubical pesticides / rights components / moments nuclear / thermonuclear munitions / conditions pesticide / side radioactive / attractive radiological / logical inorganic / organic atomic / economic molecular / regular organic / dynamic contamination / information produce / use laboratories / stories precursor / further material / arterial

Words that almost rhyme with chemical

ethical epochal medical clerical arable edible seminal oedipal caramel terrible marital credible decimal parable retinal skeletal skeptical sceptical legible bearable chimerical equable tentacle wearable pentacle accessible cerebral numerical sensible festival spectacle vegetable genital sectional sensual pedestal segmental correctional illegible ineffable sentinel tenable testable inedible correctable breathable weldable bendable quenchable acceptable flexible exceptional incredible amenable plentiful textual commendable confessional directional receptacle unbearable attentional impeccable regrettable trigeminal execrable obsessional concessional prophetical collectible repairable amendable collectable forgettable premedical recessional spendable stretchable comestible connectable electable nonclerical spreadable unwearable connectible professional conventional dimensional congenital hypothetical intestinal perceptual susceptible congressional inaccessible intentional perceptible contemptible dependable detectable insensible lamentable untenable defensible detestable ostensible premarital unforgettable compressible delectable digestible expendable expressible extensional anticlerical contestable extensible processional impressible paramedical suggestible conceptional convectional extendable perfectible perceptional suppressible complexional detectible nonnumerical respectable unacceptable inflexible impregnable irrepressible bidirectional inflectional presentable preventable psychosexual unquenchable urogenital dispensable unexceptional inflexional recommendable preventible homosexual unconventional inexpressible unintentional extramarital incompressible incontestable indefensible indigestible twodimensional undetectable unprofessional insusceptible undependable alphanumerical noncollectable indispensable heterosexual comprehensible reprehensible unidirectional intertextual intracerebral threedimensional nonprofessional subprofessional unpreventable paraprofessional semiprofessional gastrointestinal multidimensional musculoskeletal
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