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Here's what rhymes with canvas.


Consider these alternatives

cloth / off tarpaulin / calling paint / change easel / evil pastel / well tent / went fiberglass / has woven / chosen collage / was waterproof / use sheets / needs plaster / after bag / back piece / peace oversize / size matte / at walls / course pieces / increases tarps / parts

Words that almost rhyme with canvas

chances dances stanzas trances advances circumstances

anise atlas cactus callous callus axis palace campus lattice madness sadness actress malice bandits carrots gladness landless mattress abbots gametes hapless matchless phallus badness classless fatness gadgets gratis mantras aptness caliphs captious caskets gallops gaskets pathless practice absence balance status anxious habits planets barracks baskets facets rabbits tablets ballots blackness magnets flatness vastness backups factious fastness hammocks handcuffs hatchets maggots pallets savants tangents thankless trackless anklets casements catchments faggots flatus gallants paddocks palates palettes rackets scallops shallots slackness tactless tyrannous apparatus talents brackets pamphlets patents exactness frankness adjuncts banquets hamlets fascists pageants blankness fractious pianists fragments disastrous attachments blankets commandments imbalance inhabits reactants compactness unbalance bankrupts combatants detachments enactments digitalis malpractice advancements enhancements enchantments counterbalance embankments instalments propagandists abstractness benefactress noncombatants
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