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Here's what rhymes with biographical.

graphical geographical typographical topographical autobiographical bibliographical historiographical lexicographical

Consider these alternatives

autobiographical / classical sketch / get bibliographical / classical essays / days dictionary / very concise / price biographic / traffic quotations / relations humorous / humerus documentary / century monograph / half references / preferences encyclopedia / media historical / rhetorical chronological / logical factual / contractual foreword / forward writings / tidings essay / they illustrations / relations ethnographic / traffic travelogue / talk informative / formative translations / relations

Words that almost rhyme with biographical

classical fascicle neoclassical

magical tragical mechanical tactical tyrannical capitol mannitol pragmatical theatrical botanical dynamical fanatical fanciful biomechanical irascible sabbatical satanical fantastical monastical ecclesiastical mathematical problematical puritanical expansible contractible nontheatrical systematical electromechanical
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