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Here's what rhymes with basicity.

toxicity felicity publicity plasticity rusticity simplicity elasticity specificity domesticity catholicity infelicity complicity periodicity electricity eccentricity egocentricity

Consider these alternatives

stereoselectivity / activity lophophore / novel occiput / would tuberculate / late tumescence / presence directionality / personality

Words that almost rhyme with basicity

activity nativity declivity festivity acclivity creativity captivity proclivity relativity selectivity negativity productivity conductivity exclusivity radioactivity insensitivity superconductivity

affinity divinity symmetry acidity asymmetry simile fixity rickety docility villainy virility finicky fiscally ability sympathy dignity validity vicinity fertility tyranny infinity visually bigotry civility minutely salinity solidity symphony timidity agility debility distally fearfully fluidity litany trinity turbidity cheerily fitfully senility servility signally bigamy billowy placidity timothy wittily scurrility willowy possibility hostility ministry mobility utility nobility officially proximity cheerfully humidity rapidity rigidity viability visibly vividly busily chivalry futility persistently skillfully ductility epitome fearlessly fragility polygamy prettily sublimity timidly wilfully wistfully blissfully distantly ritually viciously willfully dismally flippancy frigidity guiltily prolixity tearfully diffidently dizzily flippantly stolidity efficiency deficiency differently explicitly initially antiquity capability efficiently implicitly feasibility inherently morbidity antipathy facsimile femininity liquidity volatility assiduously indignity sociability soliloquy versatility amiability epiphany exigency insistently invalidity judicially listlessly coherency legibility polyphony aborigine abysmally invincibly privily probability sufficiently availability consistently consistency conspiracy artificially proficiency sufficiency tranquillity brilliancy brilliantly irritability religiously unanimity alkalinity irresistibly admissibility beneficially calligraphy deliciously hospitably invisibly resiliency stringency unofficially divisibility minstrelsy quizzically stringently auspiciously flexibility reliability applicability delinquency masculinity adaptability indifferently indignantly inefficiency intermittently malignancy superficially magnanimity predictably suspiciously invisibility reversibility affordability incoherently inefficiently malleability pusillanimity ambitiously fictitiously responsibility contingency inconsistency insufficiency susceptibility acceptability compatibility insufficiently surreptitiously improbability inviolability contingently inconsistently indivisibility irresponsibility expeditiously inaccessibility inexplicably practicability unpredictably immunodeficiency impracticability
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