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Here's what rhymes with basavis.


Words that almost rhyme with basavis

luscious pertussis knavish fusses shushes fuzzes susses buses flushes gushes buzzes maces musses wusses brushes trusses crushes pluses plusses entices rebuses airbuses rhombuses iambuses ingresses nimbuses incubuses minibuses trolleybuses

summits davits dhotis budgets heretics subsets suffix lioness aphasics huntress scentless spadix muftis sundecks subjects pundits rustics gunships junkets gussets alembics meninx russets sputniks whodunits solemnness whatsits injustice culprits occultists plumpness portcullis cultists sculptress muralists odalisques discomfits republics subscripts drumsticks executrix constricts prescripts mentalists sextuplets speleologists
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