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Here's what rhymes with barzanes.

fans sans vans cans pans scans spans bans mans plans clans caravans courtesans

Words that almost rhyme with barzanes

hangs fangs hams chance dance stance dams gangs lambs lance pangs rams yams bangs cams jams advance enhance finance glance romance grams exams trance clams grammes askance trams expanse perchance diagrams telegrams epigrams circumstance kilograms milligrams histograms

has hands halves sands fads lands stands bands paths bags valves flags jazz rags slabs calves lads pads tags labs lags tabs cabs gals pals scabs stabs stags glands brands strands crabs crags drags grabs locales grands sepals demands whereas commands canals expands borderlands rationales tramps understands diaphragms
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