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Here's what rhymes with barrelling.

yelling telling selling felling shelling welling panelling dwelling spelling swelling smelling labelling quarrelling repelling paralleling propelling rebelling retelling channelling foretelling marvelling quelling tunnelling compelling storytelling impelling dispelling excelling grovelling expelling indwelling bestselling

Consider these alternatives

slinking / thinking skittering / considering hurrying / worrying winging / beginning coheres / years

Words that almost rhyme with barrelling

bearing sharing wearing caring daring tearing glaring herring pairing flaring paring baring blaring declaring staring repairing sparing swearing scaring forbearing uncaring comparing preparing despairing impairing overbearing squaring unsparing

reading letting alleging wrestling wrecking retching yelping getting setting blessing helping pressing resting wedding addressing assessing checking dressing heading lending melting possessing begging welding bedding guessing shedding wetting betting dredging fledgling hedging netting pledging rending renting threading threshing treading unerring abetting delving dreading fetching fretting messing oppressing pecking petting shelving wrenching belching belting decking gelding meshing pegging pelting penning shredding trekking webbing wedging wresting testing affecting attending collecting sending spreading ascending bending directing selecting stretching tending blending cleansing depressing forgetting offending pending sensing stepping sweating amending arresting electing erecting fencing nesting perplexing professing progressing smelting stemming stressing suppressing upsetting avenging caressing mending orienting perfecting sketching unending vesting annexing attesting begetting besetting clenching drenching flexing jesting nestling offsetting trending undressing vending venting vexing appending assenting beheading coalescing fending molesting necking regressing resetting scenting trenching wending depending accepting attempting spending connecting defending descending interpreting overwhelming protecting reflecting commencing correcting detecting distressing projecting refreshing rejecting tempting condemning dissenting effecting protesting compressing confessing dissecting embedding impressing lamenting objecting quenching commending deflecting digesting fermenting privileging regretting repressing resenting unbending bisecting dissembling divesting ejecting questing redressing relenting repenting wellspring expressing presenting respecting suggesting preventing contending excepting impending intending investing neglecting pretending requesting dispensing intersecting inventing subjecting condensing consenting contesting infecting injecting prospecting suspecting suspending transcending cementing intercepting recollecting extending expecting implementing inspecting manifesting recommending apprehending unrelenting exempting expending representing comprehending condescending unsuspecting complementing interconnecting multiplexing superintending experimenting
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