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Here's what rhymes with awhile.

while weil wile file mile bile pile tile vile alkyl guile rile style smile stile worthwhile compile defile beguile revile abseil refile oenophile domicile restyle interfile misfile reconcile mercantile crocodile difficile peristyle anglophile

Consider these alternatives

wait / great breather / either anyway / way anymore / more sooner / tumor maybe / baby anyhow / how pretend / went okay / they recuperate / late guess / less glad / had awake / make subside / side everybody / body forgot / not pause / because nap / at biding / providing sit / it suppose / those stay / day heck / check nobody / be

Words that almost rhyme with awhile

dire lyre mire shire afire quire tyre byre admire aspire spire squire skier inquire retire perspire reacquire rehire inspire expire respire tripwire retrofire
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