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Here's what rhymes with assaulting.

halting vaulting faulting salting malting exalting defaulting desalting

Consider these alternatives

assaulted / exalted abusing / using harassing / having torturing / ordering mistreating / meeting pleaded / needed indecently / recently accused / used pleading / leading assault / called imprisoning / listening vandalizing / rising jail / male bribing / writing violating / lawviolating

Words that almost rhyme with assaulting

sorting shorting starting parting sporting affording forging charting courting darting hoarding scalding smarting snorting thwarting balding carting fording harping aborting cavorting porting according supporting charging marching absorbing boarding guarding resorting awarding exhorting purporting scorching warding warping carding carping cording consorting gorging lording regarding recording reporting departing exporting imparting importing distorting overarching extorting rewarding discharging enlarging transporting discarding retarding bombarding unrewarding disregarding

falling solving hauling haunting calling wanting adopting shopping appalling evolving shocking costing rotting soaring sobbing daunting galling hopping sawing spotting thawing bawling fawning flaunting hawking stalling taunting allotting canting dotting frosting golfing honking jotting knotting lolling potting shoring wafting walling yachting forming involving talking walking watching causing farming forcing longing pouring stopping washing bombing boring darling knocking lodging plotting resolving revolving roaring scoring storing boxing clotting coughing crawling dissolving exhausting locking logging mocking nodding pausing robbing rocking stocking throbbing tossing warring adoring barring blotting bobbing calming chopping dawning dodging doping farthing flogging flooring gnawing harming jarring jogging popping scarring snoring spawning sprawling squatting stalking starring trotting yawning brawling docking flocking lacing mopping poring snarling sourcing swapping thronging topping caulking cocking conning dawdling devolving donning drawling flopping frothing jobbing lauding massaging notching overhauling pawing scoffing sparring starling trawling voyaging wadding whopping morning drawing charming crossing performing warning blocking dropping marking mourning parking alarming bonding carving launching recalling sparkling startling starving warming barking cropping installing prompting swarming parsing storming adorning applauding biasing clogging coursing marauding plodding prodding sparking clawing corning enthralling glossing propping romping scorning stomping unlocking belonging enforcing ignoring informing restoring conforming reforming outpouring outsourcing disarming divorcing deforming defrauding dislodging dwarfing embalming forestalling exploring responding withdrawing interlocking remarking embarking endorsing imploring prolonging cataloguing deploring discoursing bandaging cannonading outcropping sabotaging sharecropping underscoring corresponding reinforcing transforming disembarking nonconforming
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