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Here's what rhymes with allege.

ledge pledge hedge wedge sledge dredge sedge

Consider these alternatives

alleging / reading accuse / whose contended / prevented contend / went conspired / desired allegations / relations accusations / relations accused / used denied / side complaint / range sued / food allegation / education claiming / training accuses / abuses mistreatment / treatment denies / size fraud / thought testified / side abuses / induces routinely / extremely accusation / relation claim / same masterminded / blinded illegally / legally complained / obtained complicity / activity implicated / related

Words that almost rhyme with allege

yet lead led let read red wretch rep said get head set met bed dead ahead bread debt net threat fed fled shed thread web wet bet bred dread jet fetch pet tread bled med shewed wed fret prep sled ted vet pep sett shred spread step forget regret sketch stretch sweat upset cassette reset sped stead assayed cadet duet steppe rosette roulette unmet unsaid unwed offset overhead beset bayonet epithet misled beget pipette preset arrowhead brunette cornet coverlet instead cigarette alphabet infrared parapet watershed quartet silhouette widespread clarinet

avenge revenge
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