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Here's what rhymes with aggressive.

oppressive regressive excessive progressive successive obsessive recessive suppressive digressive impressive expressive depressive compressive possessive repressive overaggressive transgressive retrogressive unimpressive inexpressive nonsuccessive immunosuppressive

Consider these alternatives

tough / of confrontational / educational energetic / magnetic attitude / food tougher / other more / or cautious / office proactive / attractive effective / collective very / necessary too / to less / death kind / find ferocious / diagnosis counter / encounter strong / long unusually / usually

Words that almost rhyme with aggressive

yeses caresses tresses blesses messes oppresses regresses fesses egresses addresses excesses assesses meshes suppresses coalesces abbesses digresses fleshes obsesses threshes tigresses amerces confesses impresses professes acquiesces fluoresces authoresses reassesses mayoresses recrudesces prosthesis distresses refreshes transgresses sorceresses effervesces prioresses convalesces murderesses obsolesces preadolescence manageresses

restive festive pensive collective offensive suggestive corrective elective reflexive effective extensive objective expensive intensive defensive selective affective attentive connective digestive directive receptive congestive retentive unoffensive perspective protective respective subjective defective incentive detective preventive reflective apprehensive deceptive infective inventive perceptive convective inoffensive invective projective redemptive coextensive preemptive deflective comprehensive prospective ineffective inexpensive irrespective hypertensive hypotensive inattentive unperceptive overattentive contraceptive counteroffensive imperceptive noneffective retrospective introspective proprioceptive disincentive nonobjective intersubjective antihypertensive
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